6.12 2020

Week 13: staying connected during social distancing

Dear Families,

We hope that this letter finds you healthy, safe and strong.  We hope that you feel empowered, seen and heard. We hope that when you leave your front door each day, you walk confidently into the world, feeling valued and loved. We hope that your days are filled with light and love, and that if it is not coming from anywhere else, you can feel it coming from us.    

In the attached pdf, please find resources, links, and reflections on the Quaker value of Community.


Quick links:

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Resources For Non-Black Folks to Self Educate & Practice Direct Action: A Working List provided by MBooth’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Books & Tips for Talking With Children About Race
Condoleezza Rice discusses race on “Face the Nation,” June 7, 2020
A Mindful Approach to Race and Social Justice | Rhonda Magee, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Anderson Cooper