Our Values

simplicity. peace. stewardship. equality. integrity. community.

These Quaker values invigorate our school and inform our operations. They are integrated into all aspects of our classroom and curriculum, and put into action in many ways, such as: simplicity in toys and materials that encourage open-ended and creative play; stewardship in the care and cultivation of our rooftop garden; peace in a schedule that intersperses active and quiet play; equality in our sliding-scale tuition that enables equal access to our program; integrity as children use the mood meter to learn about their feelings and those of others; and community in the way we work together to support each child’s individual developmental needs.

Values Statement

We believe in the values set forth by and founded upon Quaker principles: equality, peace, community, simplicity, truth and stewardship. We believe these values to be an integral part of our daily lives. They are universal and steadfast, fortifying the human spirit and improving the human condition.

As a values-based program, Friends Center for Children strives to maintain best practices in early childhood education by nurturing the whole child and bringing together curriculum, teachers, parents and the larger community within a supportive, inspirational environment.

We welcome and encourage the uniqueness of each individual who passes through our doors; they give depth to our program and broaden our reach. We seek to have a positive impact on the crucial issues of early childhood education that is lasting and far-reaching. Through demonstrating our commitment to every child’s potential, we are dedicated to affirming the Quaker principles upon which we are founded.

Using a collaborative approach, we envision a time when all children are well-equipped to succeed and a culture that fosters acceptance of our common humanity.