Our Centers

We’re opening new centers to serve more New Haven families with high-quality early care!

The first three years of a child’s life are critical in the development of the brain architecture that forms the foundation for all future learning and success, yet in New Haven, the availability of high-quality care for infants and toddlers remains limited, and access to it has, for too long, been proven dependent on zip code and bank account. At Friends Center, we’re working to change that with a long-term expansion plan that will open doors to high-quality ECE for 270+ children by 2027 with four centers in locations where access to such care has been historically low.

Though the buildings and locations vary, all of our center’s share a common program and mission, which includes our progressive child-centered curriculum rooted in Quaker values of community, simplicity, equity, integrity, stewardship and peace; a pioneering emotional wellbeing program that supports all children, families and staff through challenges and adversities of all kinds; dedicated educators supported by professional learning opportunities, a new teacher housing program, and a workforce development partnership that helps prospective new educators obtain their certification with paid field experience at Friends Center; and a sliding scale tuition that ensures equitable access for all families and builds a program that embraces diversity at every level.

Current locations

East Grand Avenue

227 East Grand Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513

Friends Center for Children East Grand serves up to 89 children and their families in the Fair Haven Heights community. The Center includes five infant/toddler classrooms, three preschool classrooms, and six outdoor classrooms. The Center is led by 27 full-time staff, including a Site Director and an Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator.

Blake Street

495 Blake St.
New Haven, CT 06515

Friends Center for Children Blake Street serves up to 36 children and their families in a location near West Rock Park. The Center includes two infant/toddler classrooms, one preschool classroom, and two outdoor classrooms/play areas. The Center is led by 11 full time staff, including a Site Director and an Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator.

Coming Soon

Flint Street

25 Flint Street
New Haven, CT 06513

Friends Center Flint Street will be located at 25 Flint Street in the Quinnipiac (Foxon) Neighborhood on the Northeast side of New Haven. Built on a two acre parcel of land, the location will act as a central hub for the Friends Center organization, housing all administrative and academic offices as well as a centralized library and an educational materials library. It will also feature a Center to accommodate 80 Infant/Toddlers supported by 38 educators. As a former cinema, the site will also make use of one of the theaters for community movies and local theater productions. 


Whalley Avenue

881 - 883 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT

Friends Center Whalley is a two lot parcel, including both 881 and 883 Whalley Avenue. Both buildings have the potential to host a green roof playscape, helping us to create an example of  how to convert rooftop space to green rooftop playscapes in urban centers.  Located in the heart of Westville Village near the base of West Rock, the site will eventually replace our existing rented space on Blake Street. This new Center will accommodate 20 preschoolers and 16 Infant/Toddlers under the care of 13 educators. Currently it houses our administrative offices, which has opened up space at both East Grand and Blake for Center-specific management and activities.


Dixwell Avenue
New Haven, CT

In partnership with ConnCORP, a Friends Center for Children site will be located in the new ConnCORP Plaza on Dixwell Avenue in the Newhallville neighborhood. Our program will be located in the main ConnCAT facility on the ground floor. Friends Center Dixwell will house 20 preschoolers and 48 Infant/Toddlers under the care of 27 educators.