Employment Opportunities

Are you an early-childhood educator who loves creating nurturing environments in which infants, toddlers and preschoolers can flourish and grow? Join Friends Center in our quest to ensure high-quality early childhood education is truly an option for all New Haven families. We love our teachers and offer the following staff support benefits:

Friends Center for Children has a staff mentorship program. Each staff member may request a mentor from the Friends Center Community. The mentor pool includes members of the New Haven Friends Meeting, Friends Center Task Force members and Friends Center partners.
Friends Center for Children has a Professional Development plan for all employees. All Staff create a professional growth plan with a team member. Professional development opportunities are paid for by Friends Center for Children.
Teachers who have been employed at Friends Center for up to one academic school year may apply for tuition reimbursement for course work relating to degree requirements for Teaching Early Childhood in the State of Connecticut.
Friends Center has a Financial Hardship Program. Any teacher who endures a financial hardship may ask for financial support in the form of a loan or a grant.
Through the Friends Center Emotional Wellbeing program, any teacher that endures an emotional hardship may ask for emotional support for 3-5 sessions and to find external resources for further support and guidance.
Friends Center for Children offers free housing to employees who have been employed for at least one year, are in good standing and can commit to specific goals (i.e. paying off significant debt or saving to purchase their own home) to build financial stability. Early Childhood Education is a historically underfunded workforce and therefore educators are generally underpaid. At Friends Center we believe that supplementing housing costs for an employee provides a great opportunity for financial growth and housing security.
Friends Center for Children offers child care to employee children. Every effort will be made to ensure employee placements as soon as possible. Employees who have children enrolled in the Friends Center for Children utilize the same sliding scale as all applicants. In addition to the sliding scale, employees may receive a tuition rebate according to the anniversary date of hire.

To Apply

Applications and inquiries can be directed to humanresources@friendscenterforchildren.org.
We look forward to hearing from you!

“At Friends Center, the curriculum is emergent — it is a natural extension of children’s curiosity, play and joys. Behind the seeming simplicity of a child’s play is the formation of and building upon complex connections and concepts. During today’s times of intense emotions and unsettled climate, we could all use and embrace the simplicity and joy of early childhood.”
– Infant/Toddler Teacher

Working at Friends Center for Children I have learned to grow and become the teacher I’ve always wanted to be. With the emergent curriculum FCfC uses, I have full focus on the childrens’ interests. And I love the emotional wellbeing tools that FCfC has to offer, such as the mood meter and our emotional charters. Having teachers and children check in on the mood meter everyday is a great visual to see how everyone is feeling. Friends Center For Children has given me helpful tools and feedback that I will carry with me throughout my teaching career. – Preschool Assistant Teacher