Family Testimonials

Our son was immensely happy to go to Friends Center every day, The teachers, the facility, the social interactions with all members, the love he received from everyone, the quality instruction, the structure and life lessons will prevail for many years to come. He was loved as he is loved at home. The Quaker values and principles were impactful to his social wellbeing. The independence in every classroom and the liberty he had during the day have really helped him on his day to day interactions. Exploration and outdoor experiences are his most vivid memories. His life has been enriched during his time at Friends Center. – Henry

As a new parent there are times that I felt lost, confused, and helpless. The support of the Friends Center’s Emotional Wellbeing Program has been a blessing in dealing with these moments of uncertainty. I strive to provide the best environment and emotional support I can for my child. Friend Center’s Emotional WellBeing Coordinator has empowered me to be my best self and have confidence in my parenting skills, especially in times that are more difficult to navigate with my child. Whether it be helping my child say goodbye in the morning or giving me advice on behaviors at home, Friends Center’s support has gone a long way in empowering me to solidify my relationship with my child and create a self-awareness I would otherwise not have had. – Kathy

When our family thinks of Friends Center, we think of family and love. The past two years have been a wonderful experience for us. The transition from home to a new environment for Skye was very difficult for the first few months. She would experience high anxiety at drop off time in the morning. Her teachers taught her about the different feelings your body can experience and how to deal with them. She was taught that it is ok to say I need space right now to deal with feelings. The entire staff was always supportive to my husband and me, ensuring us that if we needed support they were here for us. Our daughter left Friends Center very prepared for kindergarten due to the excellent preparation from the teaching staff. – Tameka and Glenn

Friends Center for Children has meant so much to our family. I realized early on, when speaking to the Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator (EWBC), that this is a place that fosters the well-being of the entire family. My husband and I have met with the EWBC regularly for the past 2 1/2 years. We received invaluable guidance on consistently addressing our child’s behavior with empathy and support. They have also been generous with their support of parents as partners and individuals. They strike a wonderful balance between offering evidence-based information and strategies, and heartfelt, intuitive words of wisdom. The Emotional Wellbeing Program is one of our favorite facets of all that Friends Center has to offer. – Anne

Our time at Friends Center laid the foundation for our daily interactions with one another as a family and with our community as a whole. Not only did my two children thrive there, but so did I as their mom. Both of my children walked in each day and never hesitated, as they were safe, they felt home. – Amy


Our family had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Friends Center community for six years. As alumni, we are still connected to the FCfC family. Whenever we have a chance to visit, or when we attend the annual Fair Haven Family Stroll, the teachers greet our boys, and us, with such genuine affection and joy. This is one of the many things that made Friends Center so dear to us: the sincerity of care and personal attention given to our boys, and to each child and family in the program. The teachers, staff, Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator and Director were always approachable, knowledgeable and patient — willing to talk through any and all of our concerns or questions, and work out solutions that worked for our family. Through watching the teachers interact with the children and through their direct support and encouragement, we gained understanding and techniques that helped us better support our boys’ development: from recognizing the importance of big body play with our youngest to identifying and navigating the big feelings of our eldest. As our boys grow, we continue to see the incredible impact that Friends Center made in their lives. We are extremely grateful for Friends Center community, and for the financial assistance that made our time there possible. – Carolyn

Co-op is such an important—and, for me, magical—part of the FCfC experience. I have loved getting to know my children’s classmates and teachers, and I love that it allows my children to see me as part of their community, investing time and energy in their space. They are proud of their school, and they are joyful when I join them in it. -Tina



We find it difficult to overstate the impact that the financial aid we have received from the Friends Center for Children has had on our family and our future. To be candid about our financial situation, our son would not be able to attend daycare without the aid we receive from the state (providing us tuition reduction for childcare at Friends Center for Children). This is the most thoughtful and dedicated early childhood educational community that we have ever found. We feel deeply grateful to Friends Center for Children for the quality of care that they provide our son as well as for the financial aid they are able to provide to our family.

My son is our first and only child so the experience of parenting is very new to me and my wife. Parenting a child can put on an enormous emotional strain on a relationship, and navigating the changes that occurred in my own relationship with my wife and son proved difficult. To know that FCfC was looking out for me and my family was invaluable. The Emotional Wellbeing Support Coordinator provided real support to us in the form of casual conversations and meetings together with my wife. FCfC also offered us a chance to participate in the Circle of Security parenting program which we accepted. The program offered a framework in how to think about parenting that I still use every day. I don’t think we’d be as successful in our parenting of a 3-year old if we hadn’t had the support that FCfC provides.