5.15 2020

Week nine: staying connected during social distance

Dear community,

We invite you to enjoy the 9th edition of our weekly blog/letter (nine weeks…wow!). In this blog you will find some fun podcasts and videos that are geared toward young children, inspiring educational articles, helpful resources for you and your family, a letter from our EWBC Team, and an encouraging call to just…breathe. We hope that you continue to find these resources helpful, and valuable. You are loved, and missed.


Quick links to resources:

Noodle Loaf: 10-minute episodes of interactive music creation and goofiness
Peace Out – Relaxation Stories for Kids

Musical videos for:
Infants Hey Bear Sensory – Classical Music/High Contrast Video
Toddlers – “Emotions” – StoryBots Super Songs Episode 8 | Netflix Jr
Preschoolers –  “The Goldfish” (Let’s Go Swimming) by the Laurie Berkner Band
Nature Inspired Art
Find More Ideas Like This Here
Literacy – Self Portraits
Find More Ideas Like This Here
Science & Sensory
Find More Ideas Like This Here
Imaginative Play
Find More Ideas Like This Here
How to Create Highly Effective Transitions
Free Books for Kids Helping Children Read to Succeed
Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer
East Grand Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update
Home – Day 3 – Recognize | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene