5.8 2020

Week eight: staying connected during social distance

Dear Community,

We hope that this post finds you healthy, safe and well. We realize the incredible strain that social distancing is putting each of us, individually and collectively. Whether you are out on the front lines, balancing work and family responsibilities from home, are currently out of work, or are simply just trying to navigate this unprecedented time while keeping your head above water, please know that we are here for you, and with you. When we are in community, physically, visually, or within our hearts and minds, we are never alone. You are our community, and we thank you for being here with us.

In the attached pdf, please find activities, resources and information including a read-aloud of Clementina’s Castle, Building Babies Brains through play master class, and the Role of Play in Any Setting.


Quick links to resources:

New Videos Up on The FCfC YouTube Channel Here
Read-aloud: Clementina’s Cactus
Building Babies’ Brains Through Play: Mini Parenting Master Class
Child Development Core Story
Find Ways to Play -Explore Fun and Educational Activities for the Whole Family
Visit the COVID-19 Resources page
Diverse BookFinder
Connecticut Health I-team Children And Parents Feel The Strain Of Confinement
Stress and Resilience: How Toxic Stress Affects Us, and What We Can Do About It
Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting
City of New Haven Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hub
Home – Day 2 – Recognize | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene