6.5 2020

Week 12: staying connected during social distancing

Dear Families,

“Sometimes our hearts feel heavy and the world feels wrong. 

Find the light, even if it is ever so slight. 

Hold on, let hope build a trail for the next steps. Surround ourselves with love, together our light shines stronger, the glimmer of hope is solid. Together we can step… one step… two steps… three steps. 

We see your light, we hear your words, we see you. We love and miss you.”

–  Therese Luetzgendorf

In the attached pdf, please find resources, links, and reflections on the Quaker value of Stewardship.



Quick links for resources:

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10 Tips for Teaching and Talking to Kids about Race
Ways to Demonstrate Solidarity
ERP Recommended Resources Related to COVID-19 Experience
Downloadable Developmentally Appropriate Short Story about Mask Use
Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared! Printable Coronavirus Coloring Page
Ignite | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene
From Constant Love and Learning – List of Feelings “Scavenger Hunt” Questions
Calm Together: Global Meditation Event