2.19 2021

Not (just) a Season of Lovingkindness

Isn’t this the month of hearts and flowers? The month of Black history? But what if U.S. history were a story rendered honestly that we could reckon with throughout our whole schooling and lifetime? And what if lovingkindness is not just a sentiment, but a practice that we intentionally weave into our every day?

At Friends Center, rather than designate particular days or months for celebrations, we aim to create an environment where, every day, each member of the community is held with respect. We work to cultivate a climate where we notice the biases we feel, see, hear and act, and address them with each other in a brave, clear and kind way. We seek to learn how we unknowingly participate in systemic patterns of inequities, and how we can meet the challenges of undoing them. This is the position from which lovingkindness flows.

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