10.1 2019

Why do we connect?

From before our first breath, we are connected; dependent on umbilical cords and blood ties. As we grow, these connections expand. “Bonds of friendship” develop. We may become “attached at the hip,” “band together,” or embark on “joint ventures.” Psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers have proclaimed the critical importance of relationships to our health, development and overall wellbeing. But when it comes to what we do here at Friends Center for Children, why do connections matter so much? Connections educate us; they empower, inspire and engage us; they help us to understand and embrace each other and the world around us. It is no coincidence that these very verbs activate our mission: educate children, empower families, inspire teachers, engage community, embrace diversity.

Connections are the common thread in our commitment to high-quality early childhood education. Throughout all aspects of our program — from our values-based curriculum and comprehensive emotional wellbeing program, to our parent workshops and community events — we work to strengthen and support the relationships that are critical to learning and life.