11.11 2020

Where do you stand?

When it comes to vision, perspective is determined by where you stand. How we see and interpret scenes or events depends on the angle, distance and the obstructions that may block our view. The same truth applies to more abstract outlooks and ideologies. When we understand our individual positions, privileges and challenges we begin to understand how they influence our perspective. And we recognize that we may need to move from positions that are familiar or comfortable in order to truly obtain a different point of view.

In 2017, Friends Center began an intentional exploration into implicit biases — the lenses or angles by which we see the world — and how they impact our thoughts and behaviors.

This past year, events in our nation forced us all to examine our stance in new and challenging ways. COVID-19 altered our lives and communities, and caused us to reconsider what is essential. The appalling deaths of fellow black and brown citizens re-exposed historic and systemic racial injustices that must be addressed. 

In both cases, we all have been called to action — to take a stand, or take steps to shift our posture in order to truly see, understand and value another’s experience and outlook.

During these trying times, we will continue to rise to the call and move to action, working to ensure that we stand fast to our mission: educate children, empower families, inspire teachers, engage community, embrace diversity.