FCFC’s progressive child-centered program is built upon families. In fact, the best testament to the program’s success is from the families themselves.

  • “The uniqueness of FCFC is seen through the love and friendship between the families and the teachers, the sweetness of how everyone talks to the children and the positive message that you see throughout the program.”
  • “Every child's voice is heard and respected even at 6 months of age.”
  • “The mission of FCFC to provide early childhood education with the values of equality, simplicity, truth and peace is so important to us. We are not Quaker but we operate under those principles at home.”
  •  “Without the Center’s financial support, our son wouldn’t be able to be a part of such an individualized program. The Center is amazing with the attention and care they give to each child.  In our case, the teachers and the director work closely with our son’s Birth to Three care providers each week.  As parents, we couldn’t ask for anything more in a school. Every morning when we arrive, he can hardly contain his enthusiasm. He’s full of hugs and love for the other children, the teachers, and the parents in the Co-op.”
  • "Aside from what I’ve learned about how to communicate with my son, the greatest benefit to me and Abdussalam is the parents and this community and how they are there for us.  I’m really very lucky to have found a place where my son can become all that I want to see him become; and, my connectedness with the Friends Center for Children family is the reason I am able to endure my struggle as an immigrant and a single parent mom.” Read full interview with Faiza.