At FCFC, Preschoolers’ schedules become more structured and yet the children begin to move fluidly throughout their day.  Activities focus on supporting each area of a young child’s educational development.  We carefully support growth in cognitive, personal and social, creative expression and physical domains. Toys and materials are chosen to both challenge and reinforce rapidly developing imaginations and intellects. This creates a solid educational foundation which allows each child to see himself as a successful, natural learner.  Read more.

FCFC’s age-based curriculum guides use questions to outline its approach in incorporating the Quaker values of peace, simplicity, truth, equality and community into the Friends Center program.

What does PEACE mean to and for Preschoolers?
What does SIMPLICITY mean to and for Preschoolers?
What does TRUTH mean to and for Preschoolers?
What does EQUALITY mean to and for Preschoolers?
What does COMMUNITY mean to and for Preschoolers?

Sample Schedule:

8:00 Arrival and play 
9:00  Greeting meeting 
9:30 Morning snack
10:00 Morning activities (example: math manipulatives)
10:30 Bathroom tries
10:45 Outside play
11:45 Music and movement
12:00 Lunch time
12:30 Bathroom tries
12:45 Stories
1:00 Nap time
2:45 Bathroom tries
3:00 Afternoon snack
3:30 Outside play
4:30 Afternoon play (example: block building)
5:00 End of Day