At FCFC, infants' schedules are highly individualized to meet each one’s need for sleep, feeding, and diapering – all essential elements of a little one’s curriculum. We talk, sing, and read to them – and hold them as much as possible. Babies’ activities focus on sensory, motor, and language experiences. Toys and materials are chosen to develop a wide range of fine and gross motor skills.  

FCFC’s age-based curriculum guides use questions to outline its approach in incorporating the Quaker values of peace, simplicity, truth, equality and community into the Friends Center program.
What does PEACE mean to and for Infants?
What does SIMPLICITY mean to and for Infants?
What does TRUTH mean to and for Infants?
What does EQUALITY mean to and for Infants?
What does COMMUNITY mean to and for Infants?

Sample Schedule:

8:00  Arrival, play and morning snack
9:15 Outside play  (example: neighborhood nature walk) and morning naps as needed
10:30 Morning activities (example: stories)
11:00  Lunch
11:45 After lunch activities (example: songs)
12:30 Naptime
2:30 Afternoon snack
3:00  Afternoon activities (example: tummy time and outside play)
5:00 End of day