As a cooperative childcare center, parents and teachers work together to support each child’s growth.

The Friends Center for Children seeks to create a community of parents actively involved in the education of their children. We recognize that children develop faster and with more ease when the adults surrounding them enter into a partnership of support.  Parents, teachers, administrators, and board members all work together to support each individual child’s growth and education. To accomplish this, parents are actively involved in the Center – both in the classroom and behind the scenes.

The Benefits of a Cooperative Program

Families, schools and communities all gain unique benefits from a cooperative program.

  • Through the sharing of a child’s school experience, parents gain a clearer understanding of how their child learns as well as how they interact with other children.  
  • Parent participation in the classroom provides a higher adult/child ratio, enriching the classroom experience.
  • With workshops, guest speakers and highly trained staff, the Center offers parents valuable resources - on topics ranging from nutrition and discipline to development and independence.
  • As parents work together side by side, the Center encourages friendships, builds community, and creates a family-like atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement.

Parent Responsibilities

As a cooperative childcare center, FCFC emphasizes parent involvement. Parents participate directly in the Friends Center program by working alongside teachers and staff in the classroom, or assisting with maintenance or administration. Parents also participate in fundraising activities and our annual cleaning day.

Parents are requested to contribute at least 1.5 hours per week per adult by helping in the school community. Since many parents hold full time jobs outside of their homes, the Center works closely with families to find a cooperative job that fits with parents’ work schedules. Parents can be creative with their schedules and share co-op responsibilities with their partners, parents, siblings or close family friends.