Friends Center for Children created this video to stand  for connectedness during a time of great disconnects that affect many, if not all, of us. Personal pain, community losses and global tragedies abound. As devastating as these are, connectedness can be an antidote for fear, loneliness and despair.

At Friends Center we strive to create opportunities for connectedness every day for the children in our care.  We observe and support. We delight in the comings and goings of each child. We are present for new discoveries that our young friends make, every day, as they explore their relationships with people, objects and the environment all around them. We allow them to experience what it feels like to be seen, respected, valued and accepted.

We have seen how profoundly children are affected by acceptance, inquiry, patience and presence. The song, Presence now … and then, captures what we do and what we know.  For all ages, it heightens awareness that the sense of Presence, fully felt, keeps us in touch when we are apart by:

  • experiencing life fully, in the present moment
  • being aware of connections we hold within body, mind and spirit
  • exercising connections with others in meaningful relationships
  • embodying one’s own strength, when loved ones are not present

All of these experiences are expressed in the simple, 8-phrase song:

I can see you with my eyes.   I can touch you with my hands.

I can feel you in my heart.   I can hold you in my heart.

When I can’t see you any more.  When I can’t touch you any more. 

I will feel you in my heart.   I will keep you in my heart.

We envision this song carrying its message far and wide: from classrooms and homes to internet or other media. It was given freely to us and we share it here with the hope of encouraging us all to offer our presence to each other.