A photograph of a Friends Center for Children's mood board was recently featured in "Emotional Intelligence" Gains Traction -  a New Haven Independent article about the launch of Yale's new Center for Emotional Intelligence. The article explains that New Haven is considering bringing Yale center's work into the city system, prompted by the idea that "schools must focus on helping kids manage their emotions, and the social or home problems they bring with them into the classroom." 

At Friends Center for Children, mood boards such as the one shown above, are an integral part of our curriculum. The use of the mood meter allows the teachers, parents and children to engage in dialogue about the social and emotional development of individual children to ensure that children are supported and grounded throughout their early life experiences.  With this security children and teachers can focus more readily on cognitive skill development because the children feel safe, secure and confident.  As they learn to identify their moods and the feelings associated with them, they are better able to regulate their responses.  This regulation allows for appropriate social behavior when navigating daily stressors which in turn enhances the child's ability to function successfully within a social context. Overall, the time and attention given to mood, feelings, emotions at Friends Center allows us to focus on the development of the whole child. 

Read "'Emotional Intelligence' Gains Traction" in the New Haven Independent.