Friends Center for Children celebrated the start of the 2016 Week of the Young Child by hosting the New Haven Symphony Orchestra for an instrument discovery zone and concert. In preparation for the concert, children explored string instruments like the guitar and ukelele and listened to recordings of the featured music. Along with pieces by Schumann, Tchaikovsky and Aaron Copland, the concert featured a musical version of Ferdinand and the Bull, a classic story about a bull who would rather smell the flowers than fight with other bulls.


The concert featured a violin, a viola, a cello and a vocalist and was held at New Haven Friends Meetinghouse. The musicians were joined by a music educator who helped the children to understand the differences and similarities among the instruments and encouraged the children to move their bodies with different styles of music. Best of all, the featured singer was a Friends Center parent who shared wonderful enthusiasm for music and storytelling. Many thanks to New Haven Symphony Orchestra for presenting this event and The Eder Family Foundation for their generous support!